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We're hip and innovative marketing geeks.  Our crew is based in NYC and we eat, sleep, and breathe online and mobile marketing.

  • * Our media team knows targeting and placements inside and out.

  • * Our operations people know how to get things done and execute effectively.

  • * Our developers know how to do … whatever it is developers do.


“Loyal” adjective ˈlȯi(-ə)l – faithful to a cause, ideal, custom, institution, or product.



Devoted to your success.

Need customers? Done.

Secco Squared can help you define your target market precisely and go after them tenaciously.  We have delivered traffic and users to companies big and small across a variety of industries.  And our traffic isn’t a mindless herd; we deliver qualified customers that convert and allow you to enjoy a high ROI. When we work with our advertisers, we’re committed to your success. We see the campaign through - from day 1 to day 100, and beyond - whether things are going smashingly well or we need to tweak the approach. In short? When you succeed, we succeed. (And we really want to succeed.)


Choose your price. If you want to pay on performance (CPA), no problem. CPC or CPM bring it on. Tell us what you are looking to achieve and we will work with you to create a profitable campaign.


Want to test the market? We will ensure a smooth intial test. Our conservative approach will drive the best results for our advertisers.  Once we’ve established a successful test, we work to scale the campaign yielding the best ROI.


It is hassle free to set up a test campaign. Leave your marketing needs to Secco Squared. If you want targeted customers that convert, you have come to the right company.


Looking  for fresh ideas, more traffic, or just simply want new customers daily? We have the solution. Our innovative advertising and marketing tools will keep you smiling as your ROI shatters its previous highs.  Be a rockstar.  Use Secco Squared.


here’s what we do best.

Not to brag, but when it comes to Internet marketing, we pretty much do it all (and we do it better than the rest).

Need likes on Facebook? No prob. Need people to install your app or download your game? You got it. Need to increase traffic to your video or sign ups to your website? Just send us the link. Tell us what you want, and our results will blow you away.

(Okay. Now we’re bragging. Sorry.) 

Creative Gaming Display 
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your home away from home.

We’re always hiring.

If you want in, we’d love to hear from you. Technology, fresh ideas, and perspectives from our tech-minded team keep us ahead of the game, and help us lead the industry.

We’re selective, but we’re also open-minded.

Sales Executive (Digital)

Account Manager

Affiliate Manager

Associate Account Executive

Junior Ad Operations Associate



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